Arts (Visual Arts, Drama, Music)
Visual Art classes offered at CECI include grade 9, 10, and 11 open level courses and grade 11 and 12 University/College level courses.
Drama Classes offered at CECI include grade 9 and 10 open level classes and grade 11 and 12 University/College level courses. All drama students learn skills that will help them with their other courses in secondary school and carry them through life.
The CECI Music Program has a long legacy in musical excellence. We offer courses in instrumental and vocal music. Students who enrol in the music repertoire courses (Band, Choir, and Jazz Band) receive extra credit for their involvement.

Department Head: Bethany Green

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Athletic Director: Taylor Plumb

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Business/Computer Studies

This department offers business courses for students in Grades 9-12 and Computer Science Courses for students in Grades 10-12. In addition, we sponsor the Titan Business Club and the Business SHSM program. To learn more, click on the link below:


Department Head: Jillyne Nabrotzky


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In the CECI English department, we know that English is about more than reading novels and writing essays. We offer a supportive and flexible learning environment that will help students develop the reading, communication, and critical thinking skills that will help them be successful regardless of the academic path they pursue. Our grade nine and ten courses emphasize the development of key skills to give students the confidence to succeed on the grade 10 literacy test.

Department Head: Niall Cooke

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Family Studies

Department Head: Tonya Rumas

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Dynamic French courses are offered at Central from Grades 9 to 12 and Level 1 and 2 Spanish courses are offered from Grades 10 to 12. Cultural awareness, speaking, and listening skills are enhanced by the use of technology and media. Modern Language students have the opportunity
to extend their classroom learning through experiential opportunities such as joining the French Club or doing a student exchange.

Department Head: Lorianne Girard


Geography at Central Elgin is offered at the enriched, academic, and
applied levels with pathways leading to a number of interesting and exciting senior level courses. Along with engaging and interactive classroom activities, CECI Geography uses many different mapping skills and technologies such as our work with global positioning systems and geocaching. At CECI, we also draw upon our strong relationships with various community members/groups to enhance classroom and field trip activities.

Department Head: Lisa Raby

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The role of the Guidance Department is to help students successfully navigate through their secondary school and post-secondary school pathways. To support this initiative, the Guidance staff offers academic and personal counselling, career exploration courses, cooperative work placements, and web-based educational and career planning tools. We also offer specialized educational opportunities, which allow students to enrol in community college and university programs while completing their secondary school diploma.

Department Head: Jennifer Hebert

Guidance Department Website


The Central Elgin History Department prides itself on being a "beyond the text and facts" experience. Our department members strive to bring the highest level of critical thinking exercises through the facts and events of history. The CECI history student can expect a variety of styles in assignments from learning the value of a balanced position paper, to being able to express themselves in differentiated CCA's which play to a student’s preferences and strengths.

Department Head: Scott King

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Library Learning Commons

Welcome to the CECI Library Learning Commons. The Library Learning Commons is located in the basement, room B05. In the CECI - LLC you will find a collection of fiction, non-fiction, online resources, technology and makerspace tools to support student learning. 

Department Head: Ezra Nicholson

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The Math Department at CECI is at the forefront of teaching Mathematics. CECI has adopted the spiralling methodology. This allows students multiple opportunities to demonstrate their learning throughout the semester.  Furthermore, CECI students have the opportunity to collaborate and cooperatively learn daily as math is taught standing up and not in the traditional method of years gone by.  Students solve problems in small groups on whiteboards throughout the room. This allows the teacher the opportunity to give real-time feedback on a daily basis.

Department Head: Derek Leclair



Physical Education

At Central Elgin, the Physical and Health Education Department encourages active participation in a positive, inclusive environment. Success in Physical and Health Education classes at the secondary level revolves around active participation in classes, cooperating with classmates and the teacher, challenging your abilities and contributing to the class in a positive manner on a daily basis.  We offer the Healthy Active Living course (PPL) in grades 9-12 and the Fitness Focus course (PAF) from grades 10-12. We also offer Grade 12 University level Kinesiology. 

Department Head:  Kurt Watson

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CECI offers a full compliment of science courses. In grade 9 and 10 students take a general science course, which is offered at three different levels: applied, academic, and enriched. In grades 11 and 12, students can pursue specific subjects of interest in chemistry, biology, and physics, which are offered at the college and university preparation levels.

Department Head: Todd Fuller

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Special Education

Central Elgin's Learning Support Program is available to support students’ learning as they earn their Ontario Secondary School Diploma. Involvement in Central Elgin’s Learning Support Program encourages students to further develop academic skills and strategies, which will help them succeed at secondary school and in their post-secondary destination.
Central Elgin also offers Gifted and Enrichment Programs for students in grades 9 through 12.  

Department Head: Laura Underhill- Acting Head (2023/2024) Kelly Payne

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The Department of Technical Education at Central Elgin provides the opportunity for students to investigate the elements of Manufacturing,
Technological Design, and Construction. Technological studies provide students with essential learning skills required during their present and future educational experiences. Life skills including problem solving, self confidence, and hands-on learning will enhance a student's ability to understand and relate to all subject topics.

Department Head: Chris Underhill- Acting Head (2023/2024) Joseph Conlon

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